Bunny "Warlock" Maelstrom


I started as singer and song writer of my first band called “THE NO” between 1984-1985 in Taranto. Then I decided to play bass. In 1987 I played in “POWER OF MADNESS” band as singer and bassist, proposing my songs and cover of Metallica, Motorhead and Black Sabbath. The band broke up in 1988 and reborn with new name “DAGGER” and with a new guitarist. We played our song and cover of Malmsteen, Ozzy, Acept, Deep Purple and other groups. In 1990 we finally released our first demo tape having some success. In 1991 the band broke up before we recorded our first album. In 1999 we formed the band “BLACK OVERTURE” in Padova where I proposed my songs and cover of Iron Maiden. But in 2000 the band broke up and in 2002 I formed the “JOINT KLUSTER” band where I returned to sing and play bass guitar. The project was to get out with just our songs recorder in a self-produced cd. The band broke up in 2008 because the guitarist left the band when we began to record. In 2010 I recorded my self-produced cd of experimental music that I called “Psyco Bunny” where I played every instruments and in 2011 I was contacted by “Rainbow with the dark”, a tribute band of R.J. Dio, and I remained with them until the end of 2012, then I was contacted by Arthur Falcone, guitarist from Trieste, for an ambitious project but the project broke up in not right mode with only two concert after a year. In 2014 I enter in a band called “Angel Whine” that played cover of Ozzy and Black Sabbat and I enter also in a band called “Strange Overture” where we play cover of Dream Theater where I still play. In 2015 I enter in Hell Theater. My instruments are: amp and cabinet trace Elliot 300 w, Marshall combo 200w, bass Rickenbacker 4003, Spector ns 20005, Yamaha BB 425x, Epiphone Thunderbird and B.C. Rich Warlock.