"Reincarnation of Evil" album publication

Black souls...this is the first album of HELL THEATER "Reincarnation of Evil" for MyGraveyard Productions.
This one has a elegant digipack with 36 pages. Inside of this book you will find a story in italian and english.
For info and buy contact the members of the band on private to facebook or contact this mail or follow us on the stage.

1 - The Dark Shadows Room
2 - Lady of the Candles
3 - The Room of a Million Voices
4 - Smell of Blood
5 - Escape from the Bloody House on the Hill
6 - The Time Has Come
7 - Walking Through the Flames of Hell
8 - The Shadow of the Devil
9 - Slaughter in the House of the Witch
10 - Under the Sign of the Evil
11 - Red Eyes of the Abyss
12 - The End of the Beast

The preview of all the tracks on the disc is in "MEDIA" page of this site.

Stay Tuned!!